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The most appetizing appetizers. Sides that you will not be happy just keeping on the side. Mains to make your mouth water, and drinks that could quench even the Don. This is fresh food done the Shula way.

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    Group Dining

    Everything tastes better in good company. At Shula’s we specialize in great food served up in an unmatched atmosphere. This is a place to socialize – so bring your friends, bring your family. Make it an occasion. Kick back and celebrate the little things.

    NFL Kick Hunger Challenge

    Get behind your NFL team, and help Kick Hunger nationwide! The NFL City who raises the most money will win $10,000 for food banks in their team’s city. Will your team come out on top?! Find out how to get involved.

    Smooth vanilla ice cream – shaken up, TOPPED with whip, and showered with sprinkles.

    Hannuk-can you resist it?!

    Draft Promotion

    Andie's candies? Chocolate sauce? Crushed peppermint!? This seasonal shake packs a festive punch, and is calling your name!

    Go onnnnn, it's mint to be.